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Our Purpose


We want a world in which people can develop their full potential.

We believe: New Work needs sustainable goals & safe places for mutual meetings on eye level.


Sustainable Development Goals - WHO

For whom we are doing it

Our range of service



whether at the start or already advanced - accompanying & supportive.



working at eye-level - trustful & solution-focused.



diversity as real added value - unifying & inspiring.



whether NGO, NPO or corporate - meaningful & responsible.



make organizational knowledge usable at all levels  - effective & efficient.

Our philosophy I Values I Attitude


Facilitation means for us

Focus On People

Our attitude is guided by the conviction, that what people in groups & teams are currently experiencing, is exactly the right thing - also and especially when it becomes difficult, when conflicts seem unsolvable or when the process goes other ways than planned.

One of our basic assumptions is, that everything that is needed to promote really good development and changes, is alreadywithin the system and it only needs to be made visible and useful. We see ourselves as the enablers who accompany this process professionally.

We want to do our part to make the world more livable. Therefore we align ourselves to the SDGs of the UN and offer our support for social Entre- & Intrapreneurship in these areas. 


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Team Spirit



Asked Questions

To whom is Facilitation suitable?

Facilitation suits groups, Teams and Organizations of any kind, if currently in a state of transformation. This might be a team in a StartUp-mode as well as an organization as a whole, defining and aligning a purpose. One of our focal goals is to work with teams and groups who are interested in working and communicating at eye- sight.

Ask yourself: How is leadership sustainably constituted apart from KPIs and Job Titles?

What are the advantages?
  • No fixed agenda, no lecture.
  • No profiling of individuals at cost of group processes.
  • Creation of hierarchy free spaces.
  • Creation of time for contacts, awareness and reflection.
  • Participation and self monitoring vs. directive elements.
  • Less PowerPoint - more talking.
Does this mean facilitation.space designs a solution for our problem?

This might seem to be the easy way out, but doesn`t meet the idea that the best idea exists already within the system. We will search for it together! As facilitators, we believe that every group and organization has its individual way and timing in this process.

This means that we will not present you a solution or strategy, but we support groups, teams and organizations to develop it themselves by offering you a frame for participative processes - you will fill them with content.

Doesn`t this take much longer than regularly?

This process might in fact take longer than the regular enrolment of top-down decisions on a team. The implementation that follows will, on the other hand, take less time than what you are used to, since everyone has already been involved in the decisions to be implemented.

As to say, resistances that might have existed have been included beforehand, making the results sustainable and stable and from the very start.

Is success measurable?

Yes, it is! Success is a question of definition and individual perception. Facilitative work is measurable by common metrics like you use when working with OKR´s, the NPS or just by defining specific KPI´s.

Ask yourself beforehand: Is it enough to achieve a positive effect or do I want to invest in additional resources in order to specifically capture the outcome?

Which are the risks and benefits?
  1. Self determined employees
  2. Satisfied Employees
  3. Human contact, delivering more potential.
  4. You want more of it.
  5. The result might be better than expected.

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